10 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity

10 easy ways to boost productivity


Finding it hard to stay productive at work? There are plenty of easy ways to boost your productivity and make the most of your time in the office. From focusing on a single task at a time through to changing your eating habits, you’ll find a number small behavioural changes can do wonders to maximise your productivity.


Don’t put off simple tasks

We all have those small tasks that we’d rather just put off instead of doing at that exact moment, but setting aside tasks that can be completed quickly and easily can impact on your productivity in the long run. While they might not take long to complete to begin with, going back to a task can mean that you require extra time to finish it or you forget what needs to be done. Save yourself time in the long run and use a few extra minutes to finish what you’ve already started.


Take advantage of your most productive times

In the same way that everyone’s fingerprints are different, so too are the times at which people find themselves most productive. Whether you’re an early riser, get into your working groove mid-morning, or find that the afternoon facilitates your best work, it’s best to take advantage of your most productive times. Work on harder tasks during these periods and set aside simpler jobs for when working becomes more difficult.


take advantage of your most productive times


Get the worst tasks out of the way first

There are a few tasks that almost every worker wishes that they could avoid, be it reporting, liaising with a difficult member of staff, or another arduous, yet necessary, job.Get the tasks you’re dreading out of the way early on in the day, and not only will your day seem to get better, but you’ll also enjoy a sense of completion.


Set aside specific times to check emails

If you receive a large number of emails each day, get into the habit of checking your email account just a few times a day, if possible. Reducing the number of distractions you have can help you to stay focused and answering your emails in groups can help you to become more proactive than reactive.


Take regular breaks

Not only does leaving your office chair for a few minutes every hour help to get your body moving, but it also provides an opportunity to recentre your focus, refresh your creativity and reduce stress. You’ll find it easier to get back to work with a fresh set of eyes and your body will certainly thank you for it!


take regular breaks


Work on one task at a time

You may think that working on several projects at once is helping you to work more efficiently, but more often than not, multitasking can make it harder to focus and can, as a result, negatively impact the quality of your work. Instead, try to work on one task at a time and watch your efficiency increase.


Set yourself deadlines

Not every task you work on will have a definite deadline, making it harder to prioritise and get motivated. Setting your own deadlines can help you to stay on track to complete tasks on time, provide motivation to complete tasks ahead of time, and assist you in keeping organised too.


Create to-do lists

When you have a lot of work to do, it is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed, reducing your overall productivity in the process. Creating a to-do list can help you to prioritise your work, figure out what you have left to do for the day, week or month, and break down larger tasks into manageable parts.


create to do lists


Eat well

Digging into a big lunch and snacking on sugary foods might seem like a good idea at the time, but eating badly can leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Opt for lighter meals and healthier alternatives, such as fruit, nuts and other nutritious snack foods.


Minimise distractions

When you spend all day working on a computer, spending time on social media and other distracting sites can become a very real temptation. However, reducing the time you have to work on the tasks at hand and shifting your train of thought can make it harder to stay productive and complete your work on time. Reward yourself with visits to site unrelated to work during your breaks or make use of browser extensions that block distracting sites.

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