5 Good Reasons to Have Plants in Your Office

Although office plants may seem to be unnecessary and just a part of a passing workplace design trend, they actually offer a number of great benefits to the workplace, from improving air quality through to helping employees maintain good physical and mental health. Although there is often minimal upkeep involved, the benefits certainly outway the effort required.


If you’re considering adding a touch of greenery to your workplace, be sure to check out 5 good reasons to have plants in your office:

They improve air quality

Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, plants of any size can help to improve the air quality in your office. Although some varieties are more efficient than others, they all work to decrease environmental toxins and purify the air, making the quality of the air throughout the office much higher.


They aid in maintaining good health

Plants have been proven to aid the human body in a variety of ways, from helping to reduce stress, tension and anxiety, through to decreasing the total amount of allergens in the air. Helping both physical and mental health, they can help boost productivity, lower blood pressure and heart rates, and naturally humidify the air, reducing the severity of respiratory and skin related complaints. A simple addition to any office space, a few plants here and there can work towards improving overall wellbeing.



They are a great design feature

Often cheaper than art and other forms of decoration, plants are a great addition to any office, adding colour, style and texture. Available in a wide choice of shapes, sizes and colours, it’s also quite easy to find a variety to match the style of your office. Keep things simple with a few pots of greenery, or add a touch of elegance with Chrysanthemums, Peace Lilies or another flowering plant. If you don’t have much free space, opt for compact species that won’t grow too large, but if space isn’t an issue, there’s no limit to your creativity!


They have practical uses

More than just great design features, plants can serve some handy practical uses in the office too. Taller plants positioned side by side can create a natural room divider that offers privacy and looks great, while strategically positioned plants can help to absorb sound, creating a more pleasant work environment. The larger the plants and the more plants clustered together, the greater the surface area and the total amount of sound that can be absorbed.

They are generally low maintenance

In general, indoor plants require a lower amount of maintenance than their outdoor counterparts, making them quite easy to care for. An occasional prune, water and sprinkling of fertiliser is often more than enough to keep most species happy and healthy. Depending on the type of plant you choose, it may require just a minimal amount of direct sunlight each day or may need to be moved into the sun’s path to ensure optimal growth.

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