How the Design of Your Workplace Affects Productivity

Your workplace design can have all kinds of effects on employee moods and behaviours, with optimism and productivity improvement at one end of the spectrum, and stress and poor performance at the other.

To increase productivity, you need to offer a workspace design with the right colours, layout, furniture and accessories.


Believe it or not, colours can significantly affect your mood and productivity without you realising. Here are our tips for the best colours to increase productivity, and some colours you should avoid.

  • Blue is the most stimulating colour for mind-based tasks, so if your office involves a lot of heavy thinking, blue can increase productivity.

  • Yellow promotes creativity and optimism, perfect if you need to find out-of-the-box solutions or design something brand new.

  • Green brings a feeling of balance, helping you stay calm and on task in high-pressure environments.

  • Beige, white and grey colour schemes feel bland and sterile, and can encourage feelings of sadness, so stay away from these.


Your office’s layout is the most significant structural impact on productivity, as noise and distractions can interrupt employees’ work flow. Install silent office equipment where possible, and position noisier ones like photocopiers away from major work areas.

Agile work environments allow employees to change where in the office they do their work as desired, no longer needing to be stuck at the one desk all day. This means that if a particular area is too noisy or distracting, you can just pick up and move to a more peaceful spot and get on with your work.


If you’re going to spend the bulk of your day using furniture such as desks, chairs and computer monitors, you need that furniture to be adjustable to your specific needs. Furniture that doesn’t quite fit your individual shape forces you to adjust yourself to fit, leading to distracting physical strain and even injury.

Being able to move around also helps employees stay motivated, which in turn increases productivity. Height-adjustable desks allow you to stand and stretch your legs, keeping you from getting sluggish and fatigued. Also remember that too much furniture will make employees feel cluttered and affect their concentration.



Sometimes it only takes a small aesthetic touch to bring out the best in people. Adding houseplants to an otherwise bland workplace improves engagement, reduces stress and can increase productivity by as much as 15%!

Lighting has a big impact on office productivity, with both too dim and too bright lights causing eye strain. Allow sunlight to stream in where possible, as natural lighting has been shown to both increase productivity and help employees sleep better at home.


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