How to Organise Your Desk

how to organise your desk, hands on keyboard

Just like our homes, every so often we need to take some time out to ensure that our office desks are in order and providing us with an environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Whether you're struggling to get your desk in shape or are searching for some handy new hints, check out our guide on how to organise your desk.

Organise the items that you use every day

We all have a few items that we use every day, such as pens, pencils, notebooks and sticky notes, and as such, need to keep them nearby. Instead of keeping them on your desk with no real order, invest in storage solutions such as pen holders and mini drawers to ensure that everything organised and easy find. 

Discard any unnecessary items

It’s quite easy for items that you don’t really need or don’t use often to multiply on your desk without you noticing. From promotional products from clients and other companies through to lunchtime snacks and piles of paperwork, it can all take up a considerable amount of your workspace, reducing the area where you can carry out productive work. Consider what you really need to keep, what you can take home or give away, and what can be thrown away.

Store essential items within arm’s reach

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as urgently needing an item and being unable to find it. Make your desk more efficient and reduce your stress levels by keeping the items you use regularly within arm’s reach. Instead of interrupting the task that you were working on and leaving you spending precious time on the hunt for something that you know should be nearby, keeping the items you use often close by helps to streamline your working process.

how to organise your desk, computer and glasses on desk

Develop your own document management system

Even if the industry that you work in is becoming increasingly paperless, there is still the odd occasion where you’ll receive paperwork, reference materials and other physical documents. Instead of letting reams of paper pile up on your desk, take some time to develop your own document management system. Set up an in-tray and an out-tray, opt for a standing document stand with dedicated folders or choose a traditional filing cabinet to keep everything in order.

Consider cable management

As technology continues to be embraced by most industries, the importance of cable management also increases. Instead of leaving a large portion of your desk covered by cables and cords, take some time to ensure that that cables that connect to your computer, desk phone and other electronics are well organised and covering the smallest area possible. Without a tangled mess of cables disrupting your efficient workspace, you’ll be surprised at how much extra space you’ll have.

Keep personal items to a minimum

It’s nice to a have a family photo and a couple of knick knacks in your workspace, but when there are too many personal items in your line of sight, it can become easier for you to be distracted from the tasks at hand. Choose a few items that give you real joy or inspire your creativity and take the rest home where you have the time to truly appreciate them.

how to organise your desk, desk with personal items

Limit clutter

As hard as you may try, it takes next to no time for clutter, such as excess stationery, mugs, and paperwork, to build up on your desk. To help reduce the amount of clutter, only keep the items that use every day on your desk. Everything else can find a place in your desk drawers or in other storage units around your office. Not only will you have more space on your desk, you’ll know exactly where to find items when you need them.

Give your desk regular touchups

To help prevent the state of your desk getting out of hand, set a regular time to give it an organisational touch up. Helping you to stay on top of things, a few minutes every week, every 2 weeks or even once a month, make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring that your desk remains well organised. Spend this time consolidating the items on your desk, putting things back in their appropriate spaces and thinking about any changes that you think will make your workspace more efficient.

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