Easy Ways to Make Your Reception More Appealing

Your reception area is the true face of your company, the first thing a current or potential customer sees when they enter your workplace. Therefore, your reception area design should be as appealing as possible to make a great first impression and help all visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

Here are a few changes you can make - some simple, some more involved - that will take your office reception design from good to great.

Simple Touches

Less is more

Resist the urge to pack your reception with things simply to fill the space. A more minimalist approach gives guests room to breathe. If you’re likely to have multiple people sharing the waiting area, you don’t want them to feel squashed together.

Add a plant or two

Indoor plants give your office a touch of nature to help both guests and staff relax and feel welcome. Add a vase of flowers to the reception desk, or a larger planter in the corner. Bright colours draw the eye, while lots of green foliage can have a calming effect.


Comfortable chairs or couches are a good first step, but adding a couple of decorative cushions will make your reception that much more warm and welcoming. Choose patterns that stand out for visual appeal.


Some Larger Changes


The first thing people see upon entering your office will likely be your receptionist and corresponding desk. Avoid making the desk too high, as you want to welcome rather than intimidate. Wide designs are both functional and look good, and warm wooden tones will make guests feel at home.

Seating should be comfortable and plentiful. Choose sofa fabric that is durable and easy to clean, to save on repairs and keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

Tea and coffee making facilities

Every reception design should include drinks facilities to keep guests comfortable and hydrated. A water cooler is better than nothing but, to really wow your guests, you need a coffee machine. Add a cookie jar and your guests will be feeling great about your company before they’ve even met you.

Go high-tech

Computers can’t do everything, but they can make a difference. Adding a digital check-in service will streamline the check-in process, making a good impression on guests and taking some of the strain off your receptionist.

As time spent waiting passes more quickly with something to do, factoring strong Wi-Fi into your reception area design will earn you lots of points with visitors. Providing power points and charging stations to top up their devices will help even more.

Lastly, a wall-mounted television is an easy way to keep guests entertained while they wait, even with the sound muted.

Location, location, location

If your reception area is hard to access from either the outside or the rest of the office, or if simply isn’t large enough for your purposes, you may need to relocate to another entrance. 


Are you ready to make your reception more appealing to current and potential customers? Browse our range of reception furniture to make your first impression count.

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