Benefits of Working from Home

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With the growth of workplace flexibility and the easy access most have to technology, working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option for the modern worker. Providing greater personal freedom than the traditional workplace model, working from home seems like a great choice, but what real benefits can someone expect?

Check out some of the biggest benefits of working from home below:

A better work/life balance

Providing more flexibility in working hours and reducing the time that workers spend commuting, working from home can help to introduce a better work/life balance. With more time to spend at home, and the option to work outside the standard 9 to 5 day, workers are able to enjoy more time with family and friends and doing the things they love.

Financial savings

More often than not, working from home can end up being cheaper than working in a traditional office. Not only do you not have the overhead costs of office rental, but there are also additional savings such as petrol, public transport, childcare, food and coffee. There is an initial outlay for the equipment and furniture that you’ll need to purchase, but the savings that you can make in the long term are well worth considering.

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Fewer distractions

Unlike an open plan office where you are unable to control distractions such as coworker discussions, working from home allows you to have more control over your working environment. You can find a setting that suits you, whether it be open plan, a closed office space or something inbetween, and allows you to be productive without having to worry about the preferences of others.

Better health

In addition to a better work/life balance, working from home can also have benefits for both your physical and mental health. Without the hassle of commuting, you’re able to spend more time being active and are able to avoid the stresses of being stuck in traffic, while access to your own kitchen can also make it easier to make healthier food choices too.

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Although some employers do require their workers to be productive during set hours, many people who work from home are able to choose their own working hours and shape their workday to suit their circumstances. Some may choose to work earlier in the day while their children are at school, while others may opt to complete their daily tasks later in the day after running errands.

Fewer costs for the employer

When someone works from home, not only does the employee enjoy financial benefits, but so does the employer. Without the need for a physical desk space or extra equipment within their office space, the employer can save money and reduce their total overhead costs.

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