How to Maximise Home Office Productivity

how to maximise home office productivity, laptop with hands

When you're working from home, somedays it can be difficult to be productive. However, by following a few simple steps, you can get more out of your day and enjoy all the benefits of working from home, such as increased autonomy. If you work from home, or are considering trying a few days here and there, check out our top tips on how to maximise home office productivity.

Work in a dedicated workspace

To help make the most of your work hours at home, it’s best to find yourself a dedicated workspace. While it doesn’t need to be huge, your workspace should give you enough space to complete your tasks and offer room for all your work equipment too. Without a special place where you can sit down and get to work, you may find yourself more easily distracted or discover that it’s harder to get in the work groove.

Reduce your distractions

Just as with any traditional office, it’s a good idea to reduce the number of distractions in your home office. Whether it’s excess clutter, noise or something else that will see your productivity dwindle, removing the source of your distraction or minimising its impact will do wonders to your efficiency and work output.

Take plenty of breaks

The longer that you work without taking a break, the greater the decline in your productivity becomes. Aim to stop for a few minutes every hour to give your eyes and body a break. Do some simple stretches, go for a walk around the house and give your eyes some downtime away from the computer screen. You’ll feel energised and ready to complete another hour long block of work.

how to maximise home office productivity, lady stretching in front of window

Look after your body

In addition to taking regular breaks to stretch and get your body moving, you’ll find that ergonomic furniture can do wonders in boosting your productivity. Instead of leaving you stiff and sore, ergonomic furniture supports your body, aligns your spine and gives you the best start to a productive day.

Make to-do lists and set deadlines

As with any time spent working, it’s a good idea to set yourself achievable goals and deadlines for completing them. To-do lists allow you to have a tangible representation of your progress, allowing you to see what you’ve achieved and what is left to do, while firm deadlines will help give you time based targets and spur you on to maximise the hours that you do spend at your desk. 

Give your friends and family boundaries

Even though you are working at home, it’s important to give your friends and family members some boundaries to observe to ensure that you remain as productive as possible. Let friends and family know when you’ll be working, when you can take calls and when you’ll be free to catch up, and don’t be afraid to let phone calls go to message bank.

how to maximise home office productivity, woman in front of computer with phone

Set your work hours

Although working from home does generally give you some flexibility when it comes to choosing your working hours, it’s best to set your regular hours and stick to them. With the temptation to work longer, you may find that you get less sleep and your work suffers as a result. Work to complete your tasks in set hours and only work overtime when you need.

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