How to Set Up a Home Office

how to set up a home office


Gone are the days of having to head into the office to get work done. With workplaces becoming more flexible with where and when work is completed, people are choosing to complete some or all of their work at home. Whether you work from home full time or just occasionally, be sure to check out our top tips on how to set up a home office for maximum comfort and productivity!


Create a comfortable temperature in your workspace

It’s hard to concentrate in a regular office that is too hot or too cold, and the same goes for your home office. Maintaining a comfortable temperature helps to keep productivity at its highest and can be easily achieved by choosing the right heating and cooling appliances and positioning your desk away from draughty or overly warm areas in your workspace.


Set your desk up close to a source of natural light

If you are able to, position your desk close to a natural light source, such as a window or skylight. Making use of natural light can help you to avoid eye strain and excess fatigue that accompanies poor artificial lighting.


how to set up a home office

Ensure you have enough storage

Without enough storage, it takes next to no time for your workspace to fill with clutter and distractions. Add some clever storage systems to your home office to optimise the space you have, help keep your workspace streamlined and to create a professional environment suitable for client visits.


Make your home office somewhere that you’d like to work

Unlike a traditional office cubicle, working in your own home gives you the freedom to decorate your space to look exactly how you want it to. Personalise your workspace to create an area that you enjoy spending time in and that motivates you to work hard, but be careful not to include too many distractions.


how to set up a home office

Determine how much desk space you need

Before you purchase a desk for your home office, determine how much space you’ll need for sketching, writing and other off screen activities and make a list of all the essential items, such as computers, monitors and printers, that will take up space on your table top. These simple steps can help you to figure out just how much desk space you actually need and, in turn, find a desk that will be best suited to your needs.


Eliminate distractions

Finding a space that will allow you to enjoy maximum productivity is important when setting up your home office. The best places to work are those without televisions and other digital distractions, spaces that are set away from excess noise and those that allow you to focus solely at the tasks at hand.


how to set up a home office


Consider ergonomics

Although ergonomic furniture may be a little more expensive to begin with, the benefits to your health in the long run and well worth the extra cost. If you spend all day at your desk, consider spending a little more for a good chair, think about the height of your monitor and take other steps to ensure that your home office is as ergonomic as possible.


Start off slow

There’s no use spending hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on furniture, storage and accessories when you’ll never actually make use of certain pieces. Bring in the basics, such as your desk and chairs, and work for a week or two before heading out for what may be unessential items. Not only can you avoid overcrowding your work, but you can also save money in the process.


how to set up a home office

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