Height Adjustable Desks

Using height adjustable desks to alternate between sitting and standing can help reduce muscle fatigue throughout the day. Our standing desks allow you to easily adjust your desk to suit your stature and avoid the injuries associated with extended sitting.

Sick of sitting at a desk for 8 hours?

Feeling stiff and tense after sitting at your desk for eight hours? The latest health research confirms that prolonged sitting not only puts stress on your body, but can negatively impact your long-term health.

Other than changing your position regularly, what can you do? There are many ways to improve your office’s ergonomics. Using a height adjustable desk can increase your productivity and prevent back problems while reducing muscle fatigue.

We have many styles to modernise and fresh up your office space. Our selection of adjustable tables and workstations allow you to take control of your working health. Height adjustable desks are perfect for individuals who cannot sit all day, such as people with existing back problems or who are returning to work after back surgery.

Because people have many different heights, it makes sense to invest in a height adjustable desk that can easily adapt to each individual’s needs. This has the advantage of preventing tall workers from stooping, and shorter works from needing to reach higher.

Height Adjustable Desk

Best of all, an adjustable height desk is no longer a costly investment with Office Stock’s ergonomic desks, which are suitable for both home and corporate environments. These include our electric height adjustable desk and manual height adjustable desk.

With our online store, you can order your new adjustable workstation from the comfort of your home. Office Stock supplies all the information you need to make the right decision about ergonomic workstations and building a healthy workplace. We also provide a wide range of customisable options on every height adjustable desk, allowing you to modify each product to meet your needs.

Office Stock Guarantee

Our Office Stock Guarantee includes easy online ordering and free metro delivery to Australia. Our company is entirely Australian owned and we offer great quality office furniture at excellent prices across our entire range.

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