Equip your office with Office Stock’s extensive range of quality office tables, available in varying shapes, colours and sizes to suit almost any office space. From a welcoming reception coffee table to a professional boardroom table, Office Stock has you covered.

Be it the reception area or the office tea room, the simple addition of a coffee table can be of significant practicality. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a round or glass coffee table for your office guests to place their documents on while waiting in the reception area, or, inside the office, a small coffee table in the tea room.

Whether it be team based meetings, client meetings, or job interviews, many crucial company events occur in the office meeting room. Office Stock’s range of meeting tables come in a large variety of sizes and styles to suit your unique office needs. A round team meeting table would fit perfectly in a smaller team meeting room, whilst our large boardroom meeting tables will definitely fulfil your executive meeting needs.

Apart from meeting room tables, portable and store away tables are essential to an efficient office space. Office Stock’s flip top and folding tables are practical and versatile, making it easy to make use of them in your office workshops, meetings and conferences. These space saving tables will be one of the most convenient office furniture additions to your office.

From formal boardroom and meeting tables to foldable tables, Office Stock has the range of versatile and stylish office tables for you.

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