Office Stock Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer & File Pedestal Review


The Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal provides an affordable, practical storage solution and is a fantastic addition to any workspace.  The unit is fully mobile, and features heavy duty drawer runners for smooth access to your documents and a fifth wheel on the file drawer for added stability. 

The unit comes in white melamine, making it easy to clean and maintain, it will fit in with any type of décor or colour scheme and it will look good for years to come. 


Why choose our best selling Axis white mobile 2 drawer and file pedestal?

We all need more storage these days, and being organised is one of the keys to boosting productivity in an office environment.    Our Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal is so popular with customers because:

  • It is fully mobile
  • The drawers are deep, with heavy duty runners
  • It comes in clean and modern white melamine
  • It features a gang locking system, which means you can quickly and conveniently lock your drawers with just one key. 
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty
  • The unit comes fully assembled, except for the caster wheels which can be screwed in easily.

If you need extra storage in your home office or at work, choose the Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal.


Frequently asked questions about the Axis white mobile 2 drawer file and pedestal

Our Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal is one of our best selling products, and we receive many questions, including what they’re made out of, assembly instructions and delivery times. 

We’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions below, to give you a better understanding of the unit and hopefully answering anything you may have been wondering before purchasing it.  If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


Does it come assembled?

Yes.  The Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal is delivered to you fully assembled, however the caster wheels need to be screwed onto the bottom (pre-existing holes are drilled), and the drawer handles will need to be attached.


Can I fit hanging files in the bottom drawer?

Yes.  The bottom drawer is a filing drawer and you can hang a range of files in it. 


Is the unit lockable?

Yes, the pedestal is lockable and you receive two keys for it.  The top drawer has the locking mechanism, and the system is gang locked, meaning when you lock the drawer, all the other drawers also lock. 


What desks does this unit work with?

The Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal is able to be paired with any of the desks in the Axis, Anvil or Arrow range, and are offered as an optional extra. 


What are the drawers made of?

Having sturdy, well-made drawers can make a piece of office furniture last longer and be more functional.  The drawers in the Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal is made out of durable commercial grade melamine, with a solid top, bottom and sides, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. 


Can I get more drawers if I need them?

We stock a four drawer version of the unit, which comes with four standard drawers and no filing drawer.   


Assembly instructions

The Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal comes pre-assembled, however the caster wheels will need to be screwed into place (with pre-cut holes in the bottom of the unit), and the drawer handles will also need to be screwed in.  All you will need is a screwdriver. 

We supply all necessary instructions in an easy to follow instructional reference sheet, which is similar to the ones you might get when buying a piece of furniture from Ikea. 


Assembly time

Assembly of the desk will take around 5 minutes. 



Let’s look at some of the more common questions we receive about delivery of the Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal


How long does it take for me to receive my unit?

Expected delivery for the Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal will be around two to five working days. Obviously delivery times vary depending upon where you’re located, however for all metro areas, we usually give this timeframe as a guide.  Occasionally delivery times vary depending upon where we have available stock also, but if we think there will be any potential delays, we’ll be in touch to inform you ahead of time. 

Our delivery is Australia-wide.


Can you send my order out via courier or express post?

Where possible, we will try to fit in with any special requests in relation to priority shipment and delivery.  Occasionally we will not be able to fulfil such requests so it is always best to contact us with any enquiries you have.  


What is the warranty?

Our Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestals come with a 10 year warranty.


Damage in transit

If for any reason you receive your Axis White Mobile 2 Drawer and File Pedestal and it may have been damaged in transit, then simply send us a photo and we will work with you to resolve the matter. Typically we send out replacements without any hassles.  Please note that this rarely happens.


Discounts for bulk orders

We are happy to consider offering a discount for bulk orders.  Simply email us the details of your order and your delivery information, and we’ll arrange a quote to be sent to you. 


Solid drawer pedestals at the best price

Our drawer pedestals are so popular because they are well made, practical and can be used with a variety of desk types.  We ensure all of our office furniture is of the highest quality and suits a range of budgets.  We only use Australian suppliers for our products, meaning that you’ll know you’ll be getting great quality and supporting local businesses, and because we only operate online (with no physical stores), we can offer you the best prices in the market.

We’d love to answer any questions or queries you might have about any of our office furniture range, so get in contact today.   

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