9 Impressive Benefits of a Standing Desk

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Are you considering buying a standing desk to improve your posture? Do you want to reduce the time you spend sitting in a day?

A standing desk is a great alternative to the traditional office desk for many reasons.

Often, these reasons involve improving your health and posture. Below, we’ve got a list of the nine top benefits of a standing desk. Keep reading to learn why you need to consider changing your desk to a standing desk today.

1. Benefits of a Standing Desk: Reduce Back Pain

Both heavy labor and sitting at a desk the whole day can contribute to back pain. You develop it worse if you have poor posture or if you don’t have a chair with enough proper support. If you want to reduce back pain, the best desk for office use is a standing desk.

This is ideal if you have long-term back pain. A standing desk can take away 54% of your upper back and neck pain in only two weeks. When you stand, you reduce the time you slouch when seated.

2. You Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels

If you have high blood sugar levels, you’re at higher risk of type 2 diabetes. You can improve your health by staying standing for 180 minutes after lunch. Studies showed that the blood sugar spike went down by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.

3. You Burn More Calories and Reduces Your Risk of Weight Gain

Weight gain seems inevitable to many office workers. Even as they sit in front of a desk all day, the mental and physical fatigue of work can keep them from exercising. They’d prefer to sit back and relax at home to recover instead of hitting the gym.

The good news is that reducing weight gain is one of the benefits of a standing desk. Compared to sitting, you burn 50 more calories in an hour when you stand. It’s not an alternative to hitting the gym, but it’s a good step forward.

4. You Improve Your Mood

Humans didn’t get designed to stay seated for long periods. Being sedentary for a long time can increase your risk of depression and anxiety. If you start standing more, you’ll likely boost your mental health, too.

Install a corner-office standing workstation desk and observe yourself for a few days. If not you, your coworkers will notice the difference. A 7-week study found that people who began standing at work felt more vigorous and energetic. When they went back to using sitting desks, the participants’ mood went back to their original levels.

5. You Feel More Energetic Throughout the Day

An improved mood isn’t all you’re getting from installing a standing desk in the office. You’ll also feel more energetic from the mood boost. Use this to combat work fatigue and stress.

Standing makes it easier for blood and oxygen to get pumped throughout your body. You may know of studies that show that being active can boost your energy levels. Compared to sitting, you are more active when you’re standing, even when you don’t change anything else.

6. Standing More Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

A sedentary lifestyle places an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality. Now, how will you prevent such things from happening if you’re always busy with work?

The answer is to be more active at work. To be more specific, you’d want to consider getting a standing desk. Sit less, stand more, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

7. Standing Desks Keeps Your Joints and Muscles in Good Condition

Do you experience stiff joints after sitting or being sedentary for a long time? Stiff joints are common problems of older people. Other factors also affect joint stiffness, like your diet, obesity, and arthritis.

The solution to feeling less discomfort in your joints is to sit less. The question is, how much sitting is too much sitting? Sitting for over 6-8 hours a day is already too much sitting.

Being more active will keep your joints, muscles, and tendons in shape. Transitioning from sitting to standing will be easier if you sit less. Plus, adding more activity to your muscles and joints will keep them up to par.

8. You Boost Your Productivity Levels and Mental Focus

Do you often get mental blocks that prevent you from finishing your work? Did you know that removing that mental block can take only standing up? The improved blood flow can always help you out in unexpected ways, like improving your focus.

Also, standing while working won’t affect your daily work activities at all. You can still type, take phone calls, and make reports while standing. The key is finding the right type of standing desk that best suits your work tasks.

9. Standing More May Give You a Longer Life

The final entry is that it offers improved longevity. Notice that the other standing desk benefits improve your activity levels. Everything we mentioned factors into your long-term health.

When you take care of yourself by standing more, you also raise your average life expectancy. A study estimates that reducing one’s sitting time to 3 hours per day raises his life expectancy by 2 years. While the study doesn’t prove cause and effect, the evidence still shows the power of a lifestyle change.

Remember, you won’t get used to a standing desk overnight. You also have to go through an adjustment period, where you increase your standing time little by little. Plus, standing can tire you out if you don’t know the right way to manage your time doing it.

Get a Standing Desk for Work Today

Those are the top benefits of a standing desk to the average American employee. We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the advantages of using a standing desk. As you can see, a standing desk presents more health benefits than a regular desk.

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